Tunisia customer visit our factory and have a great time!


Today it's really great to meet our Tunisia friend and learn a lot from him! We have a good time and our friend visited our factory about the plastic hollow ball and tested it weather can be well put in the Bead liquid. We always welcome our clients to communicate with us face to face as this can keep our relationship deeply.

After good communication with the client , we have made agreement for bulk order, and will keep long time relationship.

Here are 5 key benefits to take a factory tour.

1. Relationships
Taking a factory tour is a wonderful way to build relationships with your suppliers and show them your serious about your project. Connecting personally and building great supplier relationships face to face leads to better service, better pricing and better outcomes for your project.
Earning your suppliers trust and involving them in your project from the earliest stages, ensures they become a strategic partner, vested in the project’s success.

2. Communication
Effective supplier relationships are all about excellent communication. Visiting your suppliers and seeing how they work is a crucial step in developing and agreeing on a communication style that leads to success for your project.
Moving from a purely transactional mindset and improving the way you connect and coordinate with your suppliers will lead to advantages in the speed and efficiencies of procuring products, reducing lead times and improving perfect orders.

3. Knowledge
Knowledge is power and Factory tours provide a powerful way to learn first hand how products come together.
Talking face to face with the experts, seeing the materials and activities that go into the manufacturing process and witnessing the final quality checks not only provides you with intimate knowledge of that particular product – the innovative manufacturing processes you witness may also inspire your thinking about you.

4. Assesment
Evaluating a supplier and the products they produce from a distance is possible, but nothing will tell you the whole story like a factory tour.
You may already be familiar with the product range, but the benefit of a site visit to the factory and head office enables you to see – from the inside –  the way the business works, how they manage their processes & production runs, what their quality management looks like and how sustainable and responsible their manufacturing is.

5. Negotiation
Strong negotiation can be the difference between a successful on budget project and a failed one. Where better to negotiate with a potential supplier than personally just after a factory tour?
As Ed Brodow, negotiation expert says “Negotiators are detectives” they ask the right questions and amass the right information to ensure they get the best deal. Knowing who you are dealing with and understanding their business personally will lead to smarter deals that benefit your project.

Post time: Jul-05-2022