Gas purification filler -Bestn 350y structure packing


Bestn’s Gas purification filler 350y instructure packing introduction: 350y instructure packing are because the filler placed in the tower and was discharged, and then each layer is rotated at 90, and the solid will be discharged from the bottom and opening of the filler. Therefore The ability to resist is greatly improved.



Application: gas purification, fertilizer, environmental protection (especially ammonia desulfurization), fertilizer plant desulfurization tower, waste incineration washing tower, chlorine -chlorine -producing alkali washing tower, cooling tower and neutral tower.

Structure packing Main features: 350y structure packing consists of the surface surface, rolling small particles and large waves of plastic pore plate ripples, and has the characteristics of small resistance, uniform air fluid distribution, high efficiency, large energy, and no obvious amplification effect. Use it. In negative pressure, normal pressure and pressure operation.

Advantage of Bestn structure packing

1.High efficiency, high capacity and low pressure drop as metal structured packing.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance performance to be used in high corrosive applications.

3. Better high temperature resistance than metal structured packing and ceramic structured packing. Working temperature of PP packing can reach 100 °C and PVDF packing can reach 150 °C.

4. Perforated plates packing with small holes on surface increase mass transfer efficiency.

5. High sheet stiffness of no perforation packing in less separation requirements applications.


Post time: Dec-29-2022